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TSCM Water Recover & Recycling

We recognize that the most significant challenge we face today is the achievement of a sustainable earth. Therefore, we have developed innovative and flexible solutions for water usage and conservation while retaining our quality and productivity.

Line Striping Demonstration Video

This video demonstrates how our striper, Said, is able to stripe a crisp and straight line, every time!

Power Sweeping Demonstration Video

This video gives you an idea of what our vacuum/sweeper trucks are capable of removing!

TSCM Steam Cleaning

Here is a clear example of our phenomenal steam cleaning in action! We innovatively prevent water from entering drains by covering them with water bags, an idea that was presented to us by one of our crew members.

TSCM Red Curb Removal

Here is another clear example of our paint division working diligently to remove multiple layers of red paint that have accumulated throughout the years.

TSCM Red Curb Painting

Our goal is to meet and exceed our clients' needs regardless of the task. Here is an example of the teamwork and dedication our paint division crew members possess.

TSCM Yellow Line Striping

Striping is one of our many areas of expertise! Watch our crew member's intense concentration as he finishes the second line of this double yellow line.

TSCM Before and After

Here's an example of a phenomenal steam cleaning service we performed. The property hadn't been cleaned in months and had a lot of built-up dirt and grime. Our team utilized the power washing and power scrubbing method to get the best result possible.

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