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Originally named “The Steam Clean Machine”, Margaret and Frank Pappano started TSCM from their home in Orange County, California in 1987.  Margaret's expertise in customer service and eye for aesthetics allowed TSCM to offer an unprecedented quality of service within the property maintenance industry. A chemist by training, Frank led the company to invest in state-of-the-art equipment and to set the industry standard for environmental responsibility. TSCM's unique method of steam cleaning and wastewater containment continues to exceed federal, state, and local wastewater regulations. Today, the TSCM family of employees includes over eighty people, and they offer services from Sacramento to San Diego as well as in the greater Phoenix, Arizona area. 

TSCM is a member of the Business Owners and Managers Association (BOMA) and the Institute of Real Estate Management (IREM). TSCM is also Caltrans certified as a Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE), a Minority Business Enterprise (MBE), and a Women's Business Enterprise (WBE).

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